About Us

building2Since its founding in 1992, the Law Offices Fong Joe Hou, LLC has devoted itself to serving the real estate, business/commercial, litigation, matrimonial, estate planning, and general legal needs of individuals and corporate/business clients in New Jersey and the surrounding states.

Under Mr. Hou’s leadership, our firm has remained dynamic and responsive to its growing community of clients and its changing needs. The firm started in 1992 in Cranford, New Jersey. In the last 20 years, the firm has grown with our clients, and our offices are now located in the Metro Park Corporate Complex in Iselin, with attorneys, paralegals, and staff, dedicated to serving our clients’ needs.

Because of our deep roots in the Chinese community in New Jersey, as well as over two decades of experience, we always address your needs with a balance of expertise and personal service.

The firm had extensive experience in a variety of matters. Our clients include Yang Ming America Corporation, one of the top 25 shipping liner in the world, and Electronic Devices Inc., a semi-conductor manufacturer with facilities in the United States, China, and Germany. We also represent various importers and exporters, particularly many computer importers and integrators in the Chinese community.

Before Citibank left the direct mortgage market, our firm was one of the designated closing law firms for Citibank’s mortgage unit in the State of New Jersey, serving Citibank’s New Jersey corporate-originated mortgage needs. Currently, the firm is designated and regularly acts as the closing attorney for TD Bank, in its company-originated mortgage activity.

Beyond the legal skill and professionalism that we provide, our firm continues its tradition of promoting diversity in New Jersey’s legal community. Today, the Law Offices Fong Joe Hou, LLC stands out from New Jersey’s other premier law firms in that it boasts both attorneys and staff with fluency in the Chinese language and a knowledge of New Jersey’s local Chinese community.

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About Our Attorneys

Fong Joe Hou – 霍 豐 宙

Mr. Hou received his Master of Law and later his Juris Doctor from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, in 1983.

After graduating from law school, Mr. Hou served as Associate Professor of Law at the Chinese Culture University (中國文化大學) in Taipei, Taiwan, teaching classes in such areas as banking laws and international financing. He later worked for AIG (American International Group) in its headquarters on Wall Street, working his way to the position of Senior Attorney. After six years with AIG, Mr. Hou left to establish his own legal practice in 1992.

Michael A. Liem

Mr. Liem received his Arts Bachelor in Philosophy with Honors from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and his Juris Doctor from Rutgers University School of Law in Newark.

Upon becoming licensed to practice law in 1997, he began his career as an Associate for the Law Offices of Sue Pai Yang, LLC.  When Sue Pai Yang, Esq. was appointed to the bench as a New Jersey Administrative Law Judge, Mr. Liem joined Mr. Hou’s firm as an Associate in January 2002.

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